Branding begins with a logo that then goes on to tell a bigger story. Expand your brand recognition through print, promotions and mailings.


I create business cards, letterhead, pitch decks, sales sheets, catalogs, postcards, brochures, merchandise, posters, trade show backdrops and retractable banners, to name a few, that are intended to expand a company's brand.


Creating and combining logo, copy, type and photography helps to develop consistency that positions a brand as it should be perceived. The brand voice is the distinctive tone and manner of a business (a tag line describes the tone and manner). A brand expression consists of a palette of colors, typefaces, icons, graphic elements, photographs and illustrations. This all helps to create brand identity and brand recognition which in turn ensures consistency and coherence within branded communication. I take that voice and expression and apply it to the marketing materials, digital mediums and other aspects of the brand.


Understanding the end goal and the returns of the piece to be developed is key. Effective placement, appropriate sizing and delivery considerations, as well as generating files and sending the design to production. It’s all part of the design, development and production process.