A logo is the anchor point and focal image of a company. It must therefore:

  • be simple

  • communicate visually

  • express an idea or concept

  • be distinctive within its industry

  • perform in print and digital formats

  • be effective in black & white, gray scale, reverse-out and full color

  • work in large, small, vertical and horizontal formats

  • be recognizable and memorable


Understanding who a company, brand or product is, is integral to creating a successful logo. Strategizing and research are important parts of the whole process. Proper research maximizes productivity and minimizes budgets and ensures smart design and development decisions.


It all begins with the discovery process where in-depth discussions take place and a list of brand attributes that best describe the character of the business is created. Then the research on industry influences, current market trends, customer and consumer preferences begins. Inspiration boards, and dozens of sketches showing a range of styles to best articulate a business’s image are created. Then finally digital renditions are executed.


Shazzoo Designs works continuously with clients through feedback rounds during the whole process.